When I was little, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I mean, you can see how I rock this 70s look.


At some point in art school I was told that I didn't have the right personality to survive the fashion industry and I was steered in another direction. Although my tutor may have been right, it seems since then, I've been at war with my personality; testing out different avenues of expression; self doubt a constant companion.

In 2014, it all got a bit too much and my rapidly decreasing mental health forced me to stop everything. It's funny the psychological effect hopeless failure has on a person. Yes, it's dark down there, but I realised I had nothing more to lose. I could reboot. I started taking walks, the same route everyday, seeing the same things. I got the urge to draw stuff again; to truly see and appreciate the world that I'd merely brushed up against before.

There is something reassuring about a building that particularly attracts me.  It's still. It can be unchanging. It has witnessed the passing of time.

I believe part of me grieves the time depression has stolen from me;  many lost or missed affinities.

My work is about re-claiming and treasuring those memories.  


Tracey Flynn graduated from DeMontfort University Leicester in 1993 with BA (hons) in Surface Decoration. After working in radio production and screenwriting for several years, she has now returned to her first love of painting. She specialises in semi-abstract, mixed media expressionism. She recently won Pan MacMillan's Great Britain in Colour competition with her illustrations of her favourite UK buildings.

She mainly works on limited edition prints and private commissions but has also exhibited artwork in public spaces including Birmingham Cathedral, cafes and Worcester High Street