Commissioned Giclee Print

Commission a single edition, exclusive doodle print (unframed) of your house, favourite place, wedding/christening venue or honeymoon hotel.  Would make an ideal and unique gift for any occasion.

All I require is a photograph showing the entire building.

Size A4 £50 (including email design consultations and UK delivery)

Square prints also available. Size 10x10" £50 

Size A3 £60 (including email design consultations and UK delivery)  

International postage £10

 Email me to order or visit my shop


Commission a painting

There is something very special about having an original painting hanging on your wall, especially if the painting is deeply personal to you and fits your specifications perfectly!

As well as the architectural subject matter, I also like to include personal ephemera (eg dates, photographs, handwritten notes or tickets) that tell your story and emotional connection to the place.

Paintings are priced at 75p per square inch (plus any shipping) 

For example a 12inch X 16 inch painting like this commissioned painting (left) of London's Royal Opera House is £144

A 24x24 inch painting, like this commission (below) of Paris, is £432

Please email me at to enquire further.

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