This video shows my journey through pictures so far.  It starts with "Looking up".

When I was little, I wanted to be a fashion designer. At some point in art school I was told that I didn't have the right personality to survive the fashion industry and I was steered in another direction. Although my tutor may have been right, it seems since then, I've been at war with my personality; testing out different avenues of expression; self doubt a constant companion.

In 2014, it all got a bit too much and my rapidly decreasing mental health forced me to stop everything. It's funny the psychological effect hopeless failure has on a person. Yes, it's dark down there, but I realised I had nothing more to lose. I could reboot.

I started taking walks, the same route everyday, seeing the same things. I got the urge to draw stuff again; to truly see and appreciate the world that I'd merely brushed up against before.

There is something reassuring about a building that particularly attracts me.  It's still. It can be unchanging. It has witnessed the passing of time.

I believe part of me grieves the time depression has stolen from me;  many lost or missed affinities.   I want to re-claim and treasure those memories in my work.