"leave your mark, vienna" 24x24 inches


"leave your mark, vienna"

I spent a week in Vienna during a wonderful yet unsettling time in my life. I'd not long been married and had moved to Chile for my husband's work. I'd left my family and my job as a radio presenter behind me. It was an exciting yet terrifying life change. There was little familiar about my new life. In Vienna, while my husband attended a conference, I explored. I recall admiring the Klimt, discovering Hundertwasser, experiencing my first taste of opera and standing outside the Museum of Art History with an intense desire to start painting again. There was something inherently inspiring to me about this city.


"leave your mark, Paris" 24x24 inches


"leave your mark, paris"

My first trip abroad was to Paris when I was in my second year of art school. I remember being fascinated by the Peré Lachaise cemetery and the stoned pilgrims camped out at Jim Morrison's graveside. This may be the first sobering reminder to leave my mark on the world. "No-one here gets out alive" These lyrics from The Doors were both inspiring and chilling.


"leave your mark, new york" 24x30 inches


"leave your mark, new york"

This city has a strange grip on me.  I feel overwhelmed and even a little frightened by it, yet whatever is negative is muted by energy and inspiration.

I love the way I feel in New York. Its endless avenues and impressive towering architecture gives me license to dream big and I believe it possible.

New York, you are my muse.