A bit of a Doodle-Do

It's been a while since my last post and things have accelerated somewhat - towards what, I still cannot tell you, but I can announce that I am happier about it.

The uncertainty is now more exciting than it is unnerving.  My leap of faith into the unknown has delivered more joys and creativity than it has self-doubt and condemnation.

Part of that shift in thinking can be credited to a doodle-a-day 30 day challenge I have been engaged in. It is one of many artistic projects flooding Instagram at the moment to encourage art as a daily habit.

Originally, doodling appealed to my "I honestly can't draw" sensibility, as it doesn't matter if things look wonky and characterful!  However, the challenge has proved more valuable on many levels.

Sharing your daily work is part of the project's process, which may seem terrifying at first, but I adopted a "don't think about it, just do it" attitude, which is a perfect mindset for doodling anyway.

It's amazing how quickly confidence grows though mere practise and sharing.  I've been both encouraged and inspired by the experience.

Not only that,  I have learnt over recent months the importance of creating for the pure love of it.  I have recorded on this blog my struggle with depression.  I know I am not alone.  Depression is very common in professional creatives.  I believe it is because we become so wrapped up in creating for business, that we forget to create for ourselves.

Creative people love to create!  It is our nourishment; it feeds us.  We must remember to just graze every now and then... EVERY DAY, in fact ... in order to prevent burn out.

The doodle-a-day challenge has given me that time.  It has also given me a BUNCH of new ideas!

Here is a selection of doodles from the past 22 days 

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