Day 16 Painting 8: Wells Cathedral

To see the inspiration for this piece, read yesterday's blog

Sadly, time got the better of me today. I could quite happily spend another few hours working on this piece, but alas, I need to let it go... for now.

Abstract painting is so exciting because it can take you in any direction. Some may regard abstract work as lazy or easy, but in fact it demands a great deal of thought from both the artist and the viewer!  

Any painter will look at their subject and analyse the colour, shape and space. We will build the layers of colour in our minds, extracting the shapes and the space between the shapes.

For an abstract work, the artist will then separate those colours and shapes into a pleasing design, filtered through his/her emotional response to the subject.

Although unfinished, I like where my painting is going.  I'll revisit the piece when my 30-day challenge is over.