2017: a year of expression

I know it's not 2017 yet, but I'm planning ahead.
Part of a successful creative life is practising every single day and having a specific goal really helps to support the habit. 


Throughout 2017 I'm taking a number of courses in Expressionism painting. The Expressionist movement began in Germany at the beginning of the 20th Century when artists sought to express the meaning of emotional experience rather than physical reality. I became deeply inspired by these painters when I visited Berlin in May, so I'm eager to apply their ideas to my own work.  

Between January and June 2017, I'll be studying Expressionist art movement and the foundations of their painting techniques.  I'll be improving my drawing skills, adding lettering and poetry into paintings in a creative way, using texture, learning about abstraction and exploring collage, printmaking and mixed media.

I'll be creating a LOT of exciting new artworks which will be available to purchase.
Any painting created in January will be £10, February will be £20, March £30 etc

To follow my progress, watch my paintings improve and collect some original art, sign up to my Year of Expression 2017 email list. (Separate to my regular email list)

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