Layers of Work

For the last few months in My Year of Expression, I've been adding to a set of four canvases each dedicated to a different facet of my emotional life: Relationships, Work, Mind and Body.  It's been an interesting project; one that has helped me to focus on one element at a time and not become too overwhelmed with trying to express everything on the one canvas.

The canvases are something of a luxury; a personal project I work on in-between commissions and other assignments. They are a place where I can experiment and express without concern.

This month, I managed to complete my Work canvas.  

This has been an epic creation; I have lost count how many layers of paint it holds, but here are a few key stages.

The piece started out as an expression of my experience at the History of Art museum in Vienna when I first visited in the late 1990s. I had been working in radio and lost my passion for making art, but this visit reignited that desire me. 

As the piece develops, I express my doubt and fragmented focus, finishing the piece with my expression of the Lenbachhaus in Munich which is visited last year, excited to learn about Kandinsky and Der Blaue Reiter movement who have inspired me greatly.

Work: finished canvas. (acrylic 24x24)