Art on the High Street

There have been many moments on my art journey so far that have stayed with me.

They're moments that have taken me by surprise, unplanned for things, where spontaneous decisions have delivered unexpected rewards.  

It's not exactly a business plan, but as it's the opposite to how I usually operate, I'm making a careful note-to-self to be open to impromptu things.

Designing a scaffolding wrap was never something I'd considered before the opportunity arose.  We've all seen those large canvases concealing the ugly metal framework displaying an illustration of what the restored or completed building behind will be like.

When I spoke to the team at St Helen's on the High Street Worcester about the restoration of their church building, they said how wonderful it would be for the design of the wrap to, effectively, take down the wall that separates the church from the street; to eliminate the barrier that prevents the people passing by from entering the church.

So that's what I did. 


My illustrations are continuous-line, representing the connection between people and the space around them.  I hope this particular depiction of life at St Helens draws in the passing shoppers, conveying that the church is open for them too. 

Restoration work started on the church February 20th (you can read all about it here) and I'm happy to say that, after a bit of adjustment, the wrap is up!  The team at Image Group did an amazing job creating the epic 15x10m print.  I'll always remember the rush I felt upon seeing my work on such a wonderful scale displayed so beautifully.  


The work will take a few months to complete, so the wrap will be displayed until July 2018.