Day 10 Painting 5: Leaving Traces.

Read yesterday's post to see the inspiration that sparked this piece.

I rejoined my artist's journey in 2015 [after a twenty-year break] with creating image-based family trees.  The designs were inspired by graffiti. [You can see some of this work on my Instagram feed. You'll have to scroll through quite a way though]

As I played around with this piece, I found myself unintentionally revisiting some of those same motifs. The combination of family history and the history of a place/building caught my imagination and I just rolled with it.

I love the idea that whoever passes through a place leaves a trace of themselves behind and as I looked through old family photographs, I found some images from my mother's first holiday with her friends when she was a teenager taken in a photo booth and indoor fair in Blackpool.  I also came across some photographs of myself as a small girl at the same location fifteen (or so) years later.

As the photos came part way through the process, it made for a messy piece, but I'm beginning to grasp the layered, weathered look I've been shooting for.  I just need to nail the composition...

That's tomorrow's challenge. 

"Leaving Traces" mixed media on canvas with gel medium image transfer (12x12)