Day 12 Painting 6: The Story of My Life so far.

To see the inspiration for this work, read yesterday's blog.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating these pieces today [yes, there are TWO].  In a previous blog, I mentioned that I have a problem with restraint when working on a piece that I'm enjoying; if I make one mark I like, I want to make twenty. This is especially a problem if the painting is small.

I solved that problem by working on two canvases at the same time.

Yesterday I sketched a few compositions based on artist Robert Rauschenberg's collage works. I took particular notice of how light and darks were used to create composition and also how he used scale in creating a trail to the focal point.

Rauschenberg used cardboard packaging in his works, so random numbers and letters provide a hint of a story.  I decided to tell my own story through numbers in these two pieces.

Making use of light and dark shades to record difficult or happier times, I added motifs for some landmark moments.  Now I'm 43; more tomorrow.