Day 13 Inspiration 7: Holburne Museum, Bath

The Holburne Museum was originally a hotel, acting as a gateway to Sydney Park in Bath. It's had a few extensions over the years to create the stunning building it is today.

Since 1916 it's housed the art and artefacts collection of Sir William Holburne for the people of Bath to enjoy.  I love the tag line for the museum: "Lives are transformed through experiencing great art"

I can relate to this statement as I've always found art to be ministering and restorative.  When I haven't been able to do anything else, art has still been possible. 

Doodle of The Holburne Museum in Bath

I find it interesting that Holburne as a hotel was the only entrance to the wonderful Sydney Park.  I suspect many an eighteenth-century soul was restored there too. 

Check back tomorrow to see my painting inspired by Holburne.