Day 20 Painting 10: Rosewell House, Bath

To see the inspiration for this piece, read yesterday's post

One of the most valuable things I'm learning on this 30-day challenge, is confidence.  Not only confidence in sharing my work (even the unfinished pieces), but boldness in my artistic choices.

Today's painting is a perfect example.  It has surprised me in a few ways. 

Colour palette from

Colour palette from


For the first time in this series, I changed my colour palette to something unexpected, at least, for me.  I love browsing Pinterest for new colour-way ideas and was attracted to this post (left) The combination had a wonderful vibrancy that I felt suited the piece I was working on.

I went ahead without much of a plan, but knew I wanted to layer the painting with colour, images and ink drawing.

I did a rough sketch suggesting Rosewell House with a few of my favourite tools from my previous painting: a toothbrush, shaped stick and dried flower stem.

I intended to work more layers, but I stood back and realised I LOVED the piece as it was!  


It had an energy that I hadn't achieved in my painting before. Most of this was due to the clumsy drawing tools I used; it's impossible to include intricate detail. 

I've been wanting to pare down my doodles to only essential lines. This was a good technique to enforce the restraint.  

After a short break, I decided to continue with my initial plan to add more layers.  I wanted to include the turquoise blue to the background to make the house stand-out and highlight some of my favourite details in the architecture.

I'm happy with the finished work.

ROSE WELL house, bath (acrylic paint & ink on canvas 12x12)

ROSE WELL house, bath (acrylic paint & ink on canvas 12x12)