Day 25 Inspiration 13: Soho Square, London

On my recent visits to London, I've had the privilege of being able to amble around, discovering streets and districts I'd not had reason to pass through before.

I wandered through Soho Square one day as I navigated my way to my favourite art shop. I stopped to take a couple of photos of some of the charming architecture and ended up walking around the entire square. If it hadn't been raining, I would have sat in the park for a while.

The square dates back to 1681, originally called King Square after Charles II. Visitors sense the air of history immediately when they spot at the centre of the park an unusual black and white, half-timber hut. 

The square is home to Twentieth Century Fox Film Company and St Patrick's Church which apparently features extensive catacombs that spread deep below the square and further beyond.

Number 21 was once a notorious high-class brothel and the headquarters of condiments giants Crosse & Blackwell (though not at the same time)

It is quite possibly my favourite square in London.

Check back tomorrow to see how my painting turns out.