Day 2 Painting 1: Monochrome ironwork work

To see the inspiration and brief for this piece go to Day 1 Inspiration 1

Studying Nigel Henderson's monochrome work, I pulled together my tools and materials to have them to hand. Including white and black acrylic paint of various types, paint pens, home made rubber stamp, roller, printing tools and masking fluid.

I ran my doodle sketch through Adobe Illustrator to play around with the shapes, tone and get a feel for a composition. 

On a 12x12 hand stretched canvas, I began with a black ground, white liquid acrylic wash. My first pattern layer was with masking fluid, preserving this background from any subsequent layers. 

Many layers followed, including a simple printing technique (I've been itching to try) with Pebeo relief pen and tracing paper. Thanks Traci Bautista for that one! 

I certainly wasn't as disciplined as artist Nigel Henderson with his restricted media and layering, but I enjoyed experimenting with multi-layering in monochrome with simple shapes inspired by wrought iron.  

Working on this piece made me think about my willingness to change no matter how hard it is.  I named the painting "Submission (number one)" as there will be more on this theme, but on a much larger canvas.

Here's the final piece:  

"Submission (number one)" Mixed-media on canvas (12x12)