Day 3 Inspiration 2: Notre Dame de Paris

Last Christmas I doodled some cards for my friends and family. One of the drawings was of Notre Dame Cathedral. It's a stunning example of French Gothic architecture and I loved the flow of line and shapes as I drew. Due to my surface design background, I'm naturally drawn to strong patterns like this. 


Every morning, one of the first things I do is look at my Instagram feed. I follow some wonderful artists and love my daily dose of inspiration. One of those artists is Taco Watanabe from Osaka.  

Her style is so clean, simple and confident. Again, I'm attracted to the discipline of using a limited colour palette, but different from yesterday's piece where I had a plethora of tools, today, I will use very few.

For these pieces, Taco uses a technique called sgraffito which is scoring into wet paint. I frequently use this method of mark-making for areas of my paintings, but not for an entire piece. 

Check back tomorrow to see the result.