Day 7 Inspiration 4: St Paul's wall filth

My A3 pen doodle of St Paul's Cathedral, London

Yesterday we visited St Paul’s Chapel in New York City; today we visit another St Paul’s, this time in London. 

During my recent doodle-a-day challenge, Cathedrals became my favourite buildings to sketch. As I like the flow of drawing one line connecting shape to shape, I’m a big fan of a dome or spiral tower. 

St Paul’s in London was one of my favourites that I didn’t have time to include in the doodle challenge in January. So I’m using it as my inspiration for painting number 4.  

There have been at least four versions of St Paul's Cathedral: in 604AD, 962, 1087 and the 1697 St Paul's we know, designed by Christopher Wren after the previous version was destroyed in the Great Fire of London.  I'm planning a tour of the Cathedral on my next visit to London in May. I'm intrigued by this little teaser on the Cathedral website: 

"Frequently at the centre of national events, traditions have been observed here and radical new ideas have found expression under the iconic dome. In many cases these events have left some physical record as well as echoes in the intangible memory of the building."

I didn't know that the gunpowder plotters were executed at St Paul's, that the Suffragettes planted a bomb under the Bishop's throne or that Dr Martin Luther King Jr preached from the pulpit in 1964. 

No doubt my artwork will have greater depth and significance after my tour. I will revisit this subject then. However, today I will work with what I've got.  


I’m also being inspired by a tool I purchased and have not yet used: a squeezable refillable pen.  From the start of my art journey, I’ve been inspired by the energy of graffiti art.  Many of my early pieces were inspired by (what we call) 'wall filth', which is unintentional art on public walls. It's layer upon layer of posters, graffiti and stains from who-knows-what, essentially telling the history of the wall. I love that.

The refillable paint pens are awesome for achieving a graffiti style drip without spray paint. Many companies make them in various sizes, including Molotow. Mine are made by Grog. 


Check back tomorrow evening to see how my St Paul’s-inspired painting turns out