Day 9 Inspiration 5: Going Underground

To continue the theme from the previous painting, I’m taking my inspiration from graffiti for my next piece. 

I came across this statement recently: “Art began as paint on walls”

Since the start of human history, we have felt the need to leave our mark; we are made with the knowledge that expressing ourselves through visual communications is vital for our emotional wellbeing. 

New York subway

New York subway

I took this photo on my first trip to New York. I love the colour and shapes within shapes. It will work well as a starting point for this painting.

I love the idea that wherever we go we leave a physical record in the memory of the place; whoever passes through leaves a trace of themselves behind.

We might express what's on the surface, but might also feel free to express deeper emotions due to graffiti's anonymity.


I want to focus on lettering, composition and creating depth. I may throw a little stencilling into the mix too.

Check back tomorrow to see the result!