Inspiration: Berlin

As most great art has been born out of rebellion, it is no wonder Berlin exudes creativity. 

As much of the city was bombed during WWII, only a few Baroque architectural gems remain.

So, I didn't find Berlin to be a 'beautiful' city, in that I couldn't stop snapping or was itching to doodle, but I did find it a poignant one with stories bursting to be told.

Some stories shout from the street corner impossible to ignore, telling the story of the cold war or the holocaust. Others are harder to find. They hide underfoot or overhead, telling the individual story of a Jew arrested, or an East-Berliner's failed attempt to scale the wall.   

The post-world-war II and Cold-War rebuilding of the city saw regimental geometric architecture which tells its own story.  Many buildings have changed purpose several times as they pass through the hands of history.

The most poignant, I think, is the Stasi 'village' which was self contained during the Cold War serving Stasi staff. It has been largely abandoned over recent decades, but now house many refugee families and its streets are filled with the sound of children playing. 

Section of the Berlin Wall

Graffiti is common in any city, but it feels as though it's considered art in Berlin.  It's as though after decades of suppression, the city has thrown up her arms and said "It's okay. Express yourselves!" 

Berlin is not proud of her history, but is dedicated to educating visitors to the role she's played. 

I found her humbling, honest and wonderfully inspiring!

I am working on a series of prints and paintings telling stories of Berlin. Stay tuned.